BlueTech Trade Mission 2017

The following companies participated in the BlueTech Trade Mission in Europe (Copenhagen, Hamburg and Rotterdam) in 2017. 



AEG’s Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System (AMECS®) is a patented California Air Resources Board approved technology that reduces large ocean going ships’ emissions while at berth.  With one system operating in Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports, AEG is building more to meet demands in other national and international ports.  



Aquabotix Technology Corporation, Inc. is the leader in smart technology for ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and viewing systems for commercial and recreational users. Its revolutionary platform has enabled the production of products integrating modern technologies with affordable solutions.

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BioLargo Maritime Solutions offers sustainable, low energy, low cost solutions for clean water, clean air, onboard disinfection, and elimination of volatile organic compounds.  Partnered with leading science and engineering organizations, BMS builds solutions for the most pressing clean water challenges, including highly energy-efficient ballast water treatment.

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Exocetus Autonomous Systems designs and produces autonomous vehicles for specialized, long duration missions.  Their Coastal Glider is powered by a patented ballast engine that adds an unique capable in waters with large salinity variations and high currents.  It is designed for flexible sensor configurations and large, customizable science payloads.



Hydronalix  was founded in 2009 and produces the internationally known "EMILY" remote controlled motorized rescue buoy for aggressive surf rescue missions, the Swift Water Rescue EMILY for river and flood rescue missions, and the new SONAR EMILY for Search and Rescue missions.  The company also produces a line of 2 meter 50 kg Autonomous Mobile Buoy USV products with advanced sensors including tracking cameras, sonars, radar, and weather.  Hydronalix is located in Arizona with test and evaluation facilities in San Diego and Los Angeles.  The company distributes and supports operations of its products in over 35 countries across the globe.



We deliver innovative unmanned surface vehicle (USV) technology that perform the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks of today. Our agile ocean robots increase operational capabilities, decrease risk, lower cost, save time and reduce their footprint for easy and economical shipment all over the world.


PORTCALL is the world’s premiere web front-end for port operations. It synchronizes vessel scheduling and coordination between agents, ports, and pilots, providing a seamless and innovative customer experience. 



"My prediction is that the biggest benefit of the USMTEI trip to Copenhagen, Hamburg and Rotterdam will come from the various relationships started at each of the sites. The activities allowed for the time necessary to develop those relationships beyond what normally happens in a booth at a trade show. I'm looking forward to reporting on the outcomes."

- Mark Gundersen, President & CEO, Marine Advanced Research


"The USMTEI Trade Mission provided exposure to a range of companies and individuals that I would have never found on my own. Additionally, the introduction to the Department of Commerce personnel in these countries opened up a set of resources that I expect to be invaluable as we move forward."

- Joe Turner, Co-Founder, Exocetus Autonomous Systems


"The B2B events were very professionally organized and run - resulting in quality networking and business opportunity."

- Durval Tavares, President, Aquabotix



Monday, April 10 - Copenhagen

Tuesday, April 11 - Hamburg

Wednesday, April 12 - Rotterdam

Thursday, April 13 - Rotterdam (or return home)

  • Tour of RDM Rotterdam
  • Live Technology Demonstration in Amsterdam

Friday, April 14 - Return