BlueTech Trade Mission 2018

Immediately following Oceanology International, ten companies will be joining TMA for a follow-on BlueTech Trade Mission in Europe with stops in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, coordinated by The Maritime Alliance in collaboration with the ITA and cluster partners in each region. The U.S. delegation will visit key regions for B2B meetings, site visits and network with senior officials. Additional information about each event and how to register for the invividual maritime networking days is provided in the links below.

See what other companies had to say about their experience on the EU BlueTech Trade Mission in April 2017 as part of the U.S. Maritime Technology Export Initiative.


Friday, March 16 - Paris

Monday, March 19 - Rome

Wednesday/Thursday, March 21/22 - Las Palmas

Friday, March 23 - Lisbon


The following companies will be participating in the BlueTech Trade Mission in Europe (Paris, Rome, Las Palmas and Lisbon) in 2018.


Cardinal point captains

Cardinal Point Captains, Inc. (CPC) provides maritime services and equipment for Government and Research Organizations.  By providing highly-trained and seasoned personnel to support a wide range of missions and operations, CPC was named to the 2013 Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing Companies.  Additionally, CPC is the exclusive global distributor of Diver6 and the American distributor of Blueprint Subsea. 


earthwise sorbents

Earthwise Sorbents, a Green Sorbent company, produces high-performance sorbent products for oil and chemical spill relief and management. Through years of development, with top scientist from UC San Diego, we have successfully produced the world’s only recycled and Algae-based polyurethane sorbents.


halo maritime defense systems

HALO Maritime Defense Systems floating barriers and gates provide essential security to critical assets that are vulnerable to water-borne access. Government, commercial, and private assets on the water have a critical need for protection from intrusion, destruction, or theft. HALO Maritime Defense Systems is uniquely qualified to provide maritime security solutions for the protection of naval bases, naval ships, LNG terminals and tankers, and other vulnerable resources.


innerspace corporation

Innerspace Corporation provides underwater propulsions systems for numerous applications. Their products range from a 45” thruster capable of 8000lbsf Thrust to a small 4.6” thruster capable of 90 lbsf of Thrust . Innerspace Corporation has a wide range of Commercial off-the shelf propulsion systems and Military Propulsion systems.


Marine construction technologies

Marine Construction Technologies is a public benefit company based in Seattle, Washington that has developed novel noise mitigation technology superior to current approaches for pile driving.  The noise mitigation technology has demonstrated a reduction of 20dB, reducing harm to fish, marine mammals and other wildlife.  



OceanManager provides innovative solutions to simplify and e compliance and operations for the maritime industry. The mHSEQ suite improves safety at sea and facilitates workflow and reporting for QHSE. The SeaRM360 suite is a BIG DATA, Analytics and BI solution providing a 360° view of vessel operations for decision support.



PowerDocks develops Sustainable Powered Marine Infrastructures designed to serve the needs of Electric Propulsion Vessels, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Surface Vehicles (SAV), Aquaculture Farming and related system technologies for Defense, Commercial, and Oceanography customers worldwide. PowerDocks offers research and development, technology integration, full-scale manufacturing, platform training, and operations support services.


resolute marine energy

Resolute Marine has developed a unique technology that harnesses ocean wave energy to produce fresh water in areas where large-scale seawater desalination plants are too expensive and take too long to build and where diesel-electric systems deliver limited quantities of high-cost water and add significant costs and environmental risks. Our mission is to significantly improve access to water for coastal populations and industrial/agricultural operations in developing countries and small island developing states (SIDS) and to displace the diesel-electric desalination system that are currently in wide use worldwide.


swift engineering

Swift Engineering Inc. is a successful, speed-driven innovation company providing technologies, products, and fully integrated product development solutions from ideation to market. Swift specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of complex composite structures, components, and vehicles.



Vercet LLC is a for profit research and development company in the areas of electronics and material sciences. They specialize in the development of technology for use at the surface and below water. Typical developments include precision underwater time keeping, high resolution sensor system electronics, battery systems and pressure capable electronic systems.



XST personnel have 20+ years' experience developing technology for predicting environmental conditions for decision makers.  With advanced degrees and expertise in Oceanography, Engineering, Computer and Data Science, XST extends science and technology to improve our customers' experience.  XST is currently working on contract with the Office of Naval Research to perform research into the application of Big Data technologies and methods for METOC forecasting, and seeking opportunities to commercialize our work in the private sector.