Cover photo credit: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission - Global Ocean Observing System (IOC-GOOS)

Artwork by Glynn Gorick depicting the Ocean Observing System

The Blue Economy


The U.S. Ocean Enterprise, focused on firms that support ocean measurement, observation and forecasting, is worth $7 Billion annually and supports 30,000 American jobs in 36 states.

"The Ocean Enterprise," U.S. IOOS (Feb 2016)

The value of the global Ocean Economy will grow from $1.5 Trillion (2010) to $3.0 Trillion by 2030

"The Ocean Economy in 2030," OECD (April 2016)


How is your company increasing BlueTech Exports?

Apply now to join the U.S. Maritime Technology Export Initiative

The Maritime Alliance (TMA) has partnered with the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration to organize and partially fund the U.S. Maritime Technology Export Initiative (2017-2019) to increase exports from small and medium sized maritime technology companies from throughout the United States.

Visit for a description of previous events and planned events in 2019, with company testimonials.

In 2019, we are coordinating 3 separate activities: 1) A TMA BlueTech Pavilion at Oceanology International Americas (San Diego, CA February 25-27, 2019) 2) a TMA BlueTech Pavilion at Ocean Business (Southampton, UK April 9-11, 2019) and 3) a TMA BlueTech Pavilion at NorShipping (Oslo, Norway June 4-7, 2019). In each trade show, we will select 8-16 companies to receive fractional exhibit space in the trade show pavilion at a fraction of the cost. For the international trade shows, participant fees also include lodging.

For more information, contact TMA Project Coordinator, Shara Narsipur at (619) 450-4600 x184 or