Ocean Business 2017


The following companies were vetted by a National Advisory Committee and selected by The Maritime Alliance to exhibit at Ocean Business 2017 in April 2017 in Southampton, UK. Ocean Business is a three-day international exhibition of ocean technologies and services that takes place at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton (UK) every odd-numbered year.  In April 2017, we had 7 companies that exhibited in the U.S BlueTech Pavilion.

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Aquabotix Technology Corporation, Inc. is the leader in smart technology for ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and viewing systems for commercial and recreational users. Its revolutionary platform has enabled the production of products integrating modern technologies with affordable solutions.



Products and services for the shipping industry to meet requirements of IMO and USCG laws for ballast water compliance.  Our goal is to prepare ships and their crews, to be “discharge ready” on an ongoing basis.  This readiness protects their shipping operations, and balance sheets, against costly undue delays.



Launched in 2014 and based in Torrance, California, Blue Robotics' mission is to provide low-cost, high-quality components to enable the future of marine robotics. Our first product, the T100 Thruster, was introduced in 2014. Since then, we have launched over 100 products including our flagship product, the BlueROV2.



Del Mar Oceanographic produces the Wirewalker, a vertically profiling instrument-package powered by ocean waves. Any internally-recording sensor or cluster of sensors can be mounted on Wirewalker. Through rapid profiling, the sensor’s 1-dimensional timeseries is converted into a 2-D depth-time image. An enormous increase in information / intuition is achieved.



We deliver innovative unmanned surface vehicle (USV) technology that perform the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks of today. Our agile ocean robots increase operational capabilities, decrease risk, lower cost, save time and reduce their footprint for easy and economical shipment all over the world.



Planck Aerosystems develops aerial drone systems the commercial maritime industry. Planck's Shearwater system provides fully autonomous operation, from take-off to landing and everything in between, including video, mapping, and precise object detection. Shearwater works with vessels of any size, without the need for a dedicated pilot or extensive installed hardware.



XST personnel have 20+ years' experience developing technology for predicting environmental conditions for decision makers.  With advanced degrees and expertise in Oceanography, Engineering, Computer and Data Science, XST extends science and technology to improve our customers' experience.  XST is currently working on contract with the Office of Naval Research to perform research into the application of Big Data technologies and methods for METOC forecasting, and seeking opportunities to commercialize our work in the private sector.



"It was both a privilege and an opportunity to participate in the USMTEI mission to the 2017 Ocean Business show in Southampton. Many exciting doors were opened and it is now our task to follow through."

- Robert Pinkel, Co-Principal, Del Mar Oceanographic


"TMA and ITA exceeded my expectations with the USMTEI. We had a packed schedule before, at, and after Ocean Business meeting with companies and organizations in our industry. You would be hard pressed to find another way to open as many doors in such a short amount of time."

- Mark Gundersen, President & CEO, Marine Advanced Research


"As a young small business, the programs offered by USMTEI, TMA, and ITA provided us with an invaluable opportunity to reach new customers and companies. We hope to participate again and would highly recommend the program."

- Rusty Jehangir, Founder, Blue Robotics


"The team worked seamlessly as one entity focused on helping business get results."

- Durval Tavares, President, Aquabotix



Sunday, April 2 - Arrive in Southampton, UK

Monday, April 3 - VIP Tours

Tuesday, April 4

  • Ocean Business Trade Show (Stand V42)
  • "Maritime & Defense Dual Usage" Conference

Wednesday, April 5

  • Ocean Business Trade Show (Stand V42)
  • B2B Networking
  • Gala Dinner

Thursday, April 6

  • Ocean Business Trade Show (Stand V42)

Friday, April 7 - VIP Tours

Saturday, April 8 - Depart Southampton


Ocean Business Floor Plan (TMA Stand: V42)