Oceanology International North America 2017 



Oceanology International North America's (OINA) launched for the first time in San Diego February 14-16, 2017 in association with The Maritime Alliance.  In total, there were more than 1,775 professionals from academia, government, industry and military from 46 countries who attended the conference and trade show with a total attendance of 3,100 across the three days of activity.  Representing the "Americas" were visitors, exhibitors and delegates from 39 U.S. states, 8 Canadian provinces and 7 South American countries.  Of the total 161 exhibitors from 16 countries, 25 were TMA members including the 12 below that were selected to exhibit in the U.S. BlueTech Pavilion.

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The following companies were selected to join the first cohort of the U.S. Maritime Technology Export Initiative to exhibit at Oceanology International North America 2017 in February 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center:



AEG’s Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System (AMECS®) is a patented California Air Resources Board approved technology that reduces large ocean going ships’ emissions while at berth.  With one system operating in Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports, AEG is building more to meet demands in other national and international ports.  

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Products and services for the shipping industry to meet requirements of IMO and USCG laws for ballast water compliance.  Our goal is to prepare ships and their crews, to be “discharge ready” on an ongoing basis.  This readiness protects their shipping operations, and balance sheets, against costly undue delays.

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Exocetus Autonomous Systems designs and produces autonomous vehicles for specialized, long duration missions.  Their Coastal Glider is powered by a patented ballast engine that adds an unique capable in waters with large salinity variations and high currents.  It is designed for flexible sensor configurations and large, customizable science payloads.

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GreenWave Instruments provides a novel sacrificial and biodegradable Lagrangian drifter to accurately map surface currents and rapidly evolving flows, such as oil slicks or discharged waters. Our LASER drifters low cost and small form factor allow to easily collect more data (with high spatial and temporal resolution) or to deploy them more often as stand-alone trackers.



Hydronalix  was founded in 2009 and produces the internationally known "EMILY" remote controlled motorized rescue buoy for aggressive surf rescue missions, the Swift Water Rescue EMILY for river and flood rescue missions, and the new SONAR EMILY for Search and Rescue missions.  The company also produces a line of 2 meter 50 kg Autonomous Mobile Buoy USV products with advanced sensors including tracking cameras, sonars, radar, and weather.  Hydronalix is located in Arizona with test and evaluation facilities in San Diego and Los Angeles.  The company distributes and supports operations of its products in over 35 countries across the globe.

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OceanManager provides innovative solutions to simplify and e compliance and operations for the maritime industry. The mHSEQ suite improves safety at sea and facilitates workflow and reporting for QHSE. The SeaRM360 suite is a BIG DATA, Analytics and BI solution providing a 360° view of vessel operations for decision support.

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We make underwater (current, tidal, run of river) turbines that are at least double the efficiency of the market standard. Sizes can be customized. They can be used for small or large amounts of power in the ocean--for anchored ships, ports, ocean equipment and sensors, oil rigs, ship piping systems with excess pressure, etc.



Planck Aerosystems develops aerial drone systems the commercial maritime industry. Planck's Shearwater system provides fully autonomous operation, from take-off to landing and everything in between, including video, mapping, and precise object detection. Shearwater works with vessels of any size, without the need for a dedicated pilot or extensive installed hardware.



PortCall.com is the world’s premiere web front-end for port operations. It synchronizes vessel scheduling and coordination between agents, ports, and pilots, providing a seamless and innovative customer experience.

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Robotic ocean, llc

Robotic Ocean, LLC is a manufacturer of pressure vessels whose objective is to reduce the costs of harsh environment enclosures associated with machining and assembly processes while maintaining the durability and reliability of high quality builds.

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Sunburst Sensors makes autonomous instruments that measure the marine and freshwater inorganic carbon parameters pCO2 and pH using our patented drift-free technology. Our instruments operate over long periods with ultra-low power providing valuable time-series data to researchers around the world. We are proud winners of the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE.

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WearWare Inc. offers superior HD video solutions in Electronic Monitoring for fisheries. FlyWireTM EM cameras accurately collect fish catch data by providing video and GPS solutions that are programmable, automated, and record multi-data streams simultaneously. These systems easily integrate into vessels and our software facilitates archiving and analyzing data sets. 


"TMA was able to organize a high visibility exhibit and facilitate industry networking.  It resulted in a very valuable trade show for our company as we were able to obtain feedback on our product, generate sales leads and gather international manufacturer representative contacts."

-Charles Cousin, CEO, GreenWave Instruments


"Our experience participating in the OINA Exhibition was very valuable for meeting and interacting with members of the maritime community on an international level and developing new sales leads for our EMILY product line"

-Tony Mulligan, CEO, Hydronalix


"TMA did a great job putting together the US Pavilion at the OINA show in San Diego.  A diverse group of BlueTech companies had a chance to meet with decision makers interested in our products and technology with TMA facilitating most of these meetings.  Considering this was the first time for both OINA and the US Pavilion I thought it went very well.  Future shows are sure to be even better with the hard work of TMA."

-Jim Beck, President, Sunburst Sensors


"OINA brought the world's leading technologists in the maritime world literally to our doorstep.  San Diego is the ideal venue for this show, and TMA is the ideal partner to ensure it is a success."

-Josh Wells, CEO, Planck Aerosystems